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Students are like pillars in the institution who give all support and strength to the school by their good ............
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The Bangalore Education Society is an abode of national sanctity as this soil was made sacrosanct in the year 1934 by the August presence of Mahatma Gandhi the “Messaih of Peace” who inspired the youth of Karnataka with his thought - provoking and fiery speech.
Human resource is the greatest resource for any independent country that can be turned into an asset through education and which should be within the reach of the common man. Today’s children need to work on their creative abilities and contribute their best for a prosperous life in the future. In today’s changing scenario quality education is expected and one must strive to fulfill it.

The Bangalore Education Society, resolved to nurture the unique talents and abilities of the children, is renowned for its academic excellence, state of art
infrastructure and a dedicated team of experienced teachers. The institution stresses on the - all round development of the child, its participation in a new range of activities........
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The prospectus with application form can be taken from the Head of Institution by paying the prescribed fee. Care must be taken to fill in all the columns in the application.
Incomplete application will be rejected. If a parent wants to withdraw a student in the middle of the academic year, he/she has to pay the fee for the full academic year............
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