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“ Receive the child with reverence Nurture it with love And set it forth in freedom” - (Dr. Rudolf Steimer an Austrian Philosopher)

The main focus of Nursery teaching is to harness and hone their unique skills and to transform uncut stones to sparkling diamonds. The tiny tots are sensitive, receptive and are rightfully considered to be as the sense organs that perceive the world with their whole being.
The morning blooms with a period for play and work followed by circle time- consisting of verses, nursery rhymes, songs and games. Next comes a session of outdoor play and it ends with a nature story or a folk or a fairy tale.

In Kinnara Loka the surrounding is simple and serene which complements their formative years. It has a variety of play materials like building blocks , clay, toys , number blocks ,swing, slide, bridge etc., It also provides information to the kids about historicals places and highlights the cultural heritage of Karnataka. Children’s love for nature is fostered through slides and huge posters depicting the important forests of Karnataka. Demonstration of signal lights, highlighting the significance of each colour coupled with road signs has been introduced to instill awareness of road safety in the minds of the children. Supported and backed by these innumerable teaching aids the child flowers into a gentle, confident and intelligent individual ready to face the challenging world.